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I have tried to contact MBF Leasing Co.so that i could update the information about my company.

i have not been able to do so. on top of all the other problems that i have had with them.. i also am charged $50 a month until 2010. at the end of my contract i would pay $3500.00 for a machine that costs $400.00 And i hope no one elses' machine breaks down.

it takes them on average 2 weeks to get a "lender" machine and... to get it shipped to you faster..

You have to pay !!this is so horrible

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I have a small nail salon, we are barely to make money for living and keep up with the bills.We work 7days/week.

There were 2 people approached into our salon and threat us that our credit card is outdated and needs to be update to new equipment can able to read the new chip cards, and they offered a good rate and lease merchant for $100.35/mo for 48 mons contract. They didn't give us any copy after signing the contract a week later they mails the copies of contract but they changed the date on the docs and some hand written unreadable, money deposit is not enough for amount we earned, they didn't deposit our money in bank account for 5 days consecutive. I Called the to find out where the money go and why you didn't deposit in my bank, they the agent (Jay Sharp) said the FIRST DATA is holding money and won't release to them so they don't have money give to me. I told him that is my money I worked for it so it's mine, no one gives me, then he promise to fight back first data hard get money back for me.

Jay just promise but he didn't do anything. 3 weeks later Jay said he couldn't do any more because first data is very large,

End up I didn't get my money back and credit card is unplug. I sumitted the case to Boise Idaho attorney general to take care of it for me, Jay works for both company BMF LEASING local and Priority Payment Systems,

Both companies are bad, customers Services are bad (800) 935-5961.

They yelled at, you need to...

Be aware these companies.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #1195237

Bad company, evil, they did the same thing on me, I am going sue them. I will make them to repay me for my time and money, devil, worse, worse, company ever.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #927817

They did the same thing to me..I blocked them for my account and I sent their equipment back..


And the customer service sucks they are rude instead of you yelling at them, they are yelling at you...

that's why they are blocked..NO MONEY FOR YOU MBF!!!


MBF Leasing is a fraud company.I am going through the same issue.

don't get trapped by this company & ofcourse watch the company name paradigm direct. This company is conected to First Data.

Don't even talk to none of the Reps.Thay sell you processing for 3 years & Equipement for 5 so you are stuck for 5.these companies need to be out of bussiness

Pasadena, California, United States #626525

MBF leasing scammed me too!, I returned the equipment, closed my bank account, and have blocked their number.... they are a horrible unethical company and I'm mad that I fell for them.


t is the name of your person that helped you lets get his name out and get him out of a job


Thank God, im done with their darn contract in which i was trapped in their BS. Now im finally done with their ***.I was paying for the equipment that was just sitting unplugged in my office and almost paid god knows how much.


Everyone should just return the equipment, close your bank account and stop paying them.I did that years ago and they haven't sued me yet, and they will lose if they do.

They are fraudulent crooks.Put them out of business by not paying them.






Please contact me at 626-369-4496.

I do not need this service any more

MBF LEASING LEASE PMT 1622517:1221 CCD ID: 1130000227

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