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They approached my on the premise that they could lower my credit card transaction fees. I gave them copies of my previous statements and a week later offered a slightly lower rate. I accepted.

A week later they showed up with the machine, already programed with my company's info, we installed it, and she handed me a lease to sign. I signed.

On my next month's bank statement, there was a charge for $167 as "lease payment" for the new machine. The previous machine's lease was less than $25 per month. I thought the new amount was for several months, but a telephone call to MBF revealed that this was going to be the monthly amount over the 4 year lease time.

I got a credit card authorization system based on my PC/internet connection and returned their machine. Now they're calling with threats to sue me and/or ruin my credit report. They want $5000 for a piece of equipment that cost $250 after already having paid more that $1000 already!

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #146720

Bad, bad, bad news!!!! Stay away....worst people ever....trying to ruin my credit, sign a lease for over $5,000 for a piece of equipment worth less than $100 - these people should be put in jail for their business practices...they are the worst of the worst!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #101469

sadly i to fell for this scam 50 months later 2 months past what i thought was the end of my lease they tell me that to terminate the lease i have to pay them the purchase price of 762.05 when i already have paid over 6000.00 in lease payments. then they want me to sign a new lease for new equipment.

buyer beware learned the hard way. dont sign with these people unless yo want to be royally screwed


Sally why dont you search MBF in your browser of choice, and then comment. its horrible when small business owners are taken advantage of.

ive got scammed before and you need to take it as a learning experience. Judging by sally's comment this is what type of people work for these type of *** companies.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #46310

READ the contract before you sign it... ***. Have a great day!

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