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We owned our own business and bought into the whole scheme everyone else seems to be posting online about. Lower rates, wonderful leasing company...bla bla bla.

We closed down our company in 2006, sent the credit card machine back and paid a fee for closing the leasing contract. MBF Leasing has waited until 2013 to sue us for $1419.04 for the supposedly $250 cancellation fee as well as late fees I owed them. Like these other unsuspecting small business owners, I received a summons to appear in New York City for a $250 judgment. Of course I told them that was not happening and they preceeded to sue me for $1419.04.

I received the judgment and then the fun started. I was sitting in a fast food line when I found out my debit card did not work. I was amazed considering the fact that I knew there was over $3000 in that account. I tried it again at a local store and was declined.

MBF Leasing had placed a hold on my bank account. Not for the $1410.04 but for the entire amount in my checking account. While trying to resolve this dilemma, my husbands check was direct deposited into the account. They also held this amount and charged me $100 to do it.

Then, because I had another bank account established with my social security number, they put a hold on it for over $2200 even though they were holding well over $3000 in my Bank of America account. That has to be against the law somehow. I am looking for anyone filing a class action lawsuit against MBF Leasing. I want my money back!!!!

Since I did not owe them a dime and I truly want to warn other people not to do business with them. There is no way what they have done to me is legal!! I am amazed that they have been able to continue screwing people out of their hard earned money this way for this length of time.

If you did happen to sign a contract with them, be sure to keep all records because they will come back in 7 years hoping you no longer have records of what transactions took place. Do not ignore the situation....hire a lawyer immediately if you receive anything from MBF Leasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Mbf Leasing Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $1419.

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