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I signed a bunch of papers, many were blank, I ended up leasing a check reader at $49.99 + 59.99 LEASING leasing what ???? they never toldme i was going to lease anything they told me all i have to pay a month was 49.99 thats it.

the rep tollme no contract . I am furious! I am more than happy to join a class action lawsuit. Anyone else out there!???????????????????????????????????

i call to many times, trying to fix this problem, they dont care . Pay or pay they said, i am going to cancell my account.

My bed credit?? they dont care.WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY

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If Northern / MBF/ Golden Eagle or any other of their shell companies masquerading as SKS has ripped you off for "taxes and fees" go to the facebook page "SKS Associates Raided My Bank Account" and find out how to fight back through legal channels, get your money back and get a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order enacted against them NATION WIDE on April 8. They cannot collect any fees or send anyone to collections per the TRO (on closed leases)


Yes if anyone is out there that would like to help with a class action suit I am in Myrtle Beach SC and it is unbelieveable what these guys are getting by with and I also started with a company here in SC called EVO and can't sue them here in SC due to everyhting you fine later is in NY in nassau county. I'm new at this and don't know where to start.


I am in the same boat. I signed papers with a credit card processor that I was told was an application only.

I am not even processing with these people and I ended up in a contract with MBF and they will not listen to reason.

they harrass me at my shop and at home. Need help!


I think that all that were scammed should form one big humongous forum and make a plan. I know that the 3 above are all crooked as a snake and are all tied together.

If someone will get things started, I'll do anything that I can. It's not nice to scam a grandmother, Peter.

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